Providing Practical Support, Educational Services and Nevada Qualifications Program Cards for the Electrical Industry.


CURRENT (Effective 1/1/2022):

To renew your Electrical Qualifications Card, you must obtain, every three years, at least 1.8 CEU’s (18 hours of instruction) for Electrical Journeyman, Residential, Sign or Low Voltage Technician, or 3.0 CEUs for Master, related to electrical code and safety-related topics. These CEU’s must consist of the following at a minimum:

1.  A one-day class or eight-tenths (0.8) CEU’s must be from a code-change class highlighting code changes to the current edition or future enforced edition of the National Electrical Code for the renewal period.

2.  A 4-hour class or four-tenths (0.4) CEU’s must be on Electrical Safety based on NFPA70E current edition for the renewal period.

3.  The balance of the CEU’s can be from other acceptable providers on electrical code and safety-related topics.

Only CEUs issued by specific organizations on electrical code and safety-related topics will be accepted. For more information on providers and courses that are acceptable for CEUs, see the ESP Website.

Electrical Safety Professionals is a non-profit organization of electrical professionals  including safety managers, inspectors, electricians, contractors, engineers, manufacturers who design, install, inspect and maintain electrical systems. 

Electrical Safety Professionals also manages the Nevada Electrical Qualifications Card Program.